Later Anne quit her “real” job to work full-time with her husband, Ron Labaire, in his
studio:  Labaire Pottery. Together they made beautiful functional pottery which was sold to
galleries throughout  the country.   In 1996 they opened a gallery of art and fine crafts,
inside Stone Mountain Park, and two years later relocated to historic downtown Norcross.  
Business boomed and it quickly became impossible to continue producing pottery while
running a successful gallery.  So Anne’s art soon came full circle:  clay and glazes
ultimately gave way to canvas and paints once again.
‘‘I’ve been an artist from the moment I first held a Crayola in my chubby little hand.  I was
fascinated watching the amazing colors unfold and mingle.  I especially loved the way a
single color could look so different depending on the colors around it.   Once, confined to
my bed for being naughty, I took a precious Crayola and creatively redecorated the wall as
far as my little arms could reach.  When my mom came to check on me, she saw all the
scribbles and sighed, ‘Oh, Anne, look what you’ve done.’  I looked.  And looked again and
said, ‘Oh, Mommy, I’m so sorry.  I should have used green!’  I was enrolled in my first art
class the very next week.’’
Featured Artist
Anne Labaire